Weekly Tarotscope January 13 – January 19, 2019

A new year and a fresh start. The six of wands is all about rising from the ashes and achieving a higher level of success. If you’re not feeling it already, it’s coming.

The wands family represents inspiration and creativity, relating to our goals and dreams. The six of wands shows s blue butterfly taking flight, leaving behind a pile of scattered wands. The blue represents our intuitive powers and this journey of success has a lot to do with an internal sense of success and freedom. This is about finding a feeling of freedom in how YOU want to journey through this world. It’s about a new sense of harmony.

What have you been waiting for permission to pursue? How can you move toward your own definition of success? What steps can you take to begin shaping your desires and dreams? How are already amazing and how can you celebrate your current successes?


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