Oh, Hello.

I’m fascinated by people – why they do what they do and what drives them. So much so, that I suck at small talk. What begins as a casual encounter will often (and quite naturally) drift into a deeper discussion. About the state of the world. About the future of our cities. Or a personal experience we’ve been bumping up against for far too long. I feel more like myself when I can drop into a space where we share the things that broke us down. More importantly – how we built ourselves back up.

I believe that through sharing, we recognize we’re not alone. As hoomans on this rotating ball of land and water, we have more in common than we think.

Writing sustains me. I’m lucky to get up everyday and get paid for it. I also write because I have to. That’s what this space is about. I write because I’ve seen the magic that happens when we connect over common experiences. I love what happens when we really listen to each other.

I’m a sucker for a good song, a good book, and finding the little and big things to be grateful for in life. Music has saved me more than once – the more bass, the better. I believe I often self-sabotage myself by inviting complexity where I need simplicity. I believe simplicity lives in our breath. Conscious movement. In slowing down. In love. I believe that opportunities for healing come in the most obscure forms. I’m known to drop the occasional f-bomb because, well, fuck it. Sometimes it just feels good.

I’m all for inching closer to a space where we feel real, authentic, and more comfortable inhabiting our skin and I would be honoured to share that space with you.

You can also find me on where I explore the future through the lens of my Strategic Foresight training. Because I believe that today’s thinking becomes tomorrow’s reality.

Thank you for visiting. I’m hoping we can connect over things that take us out of our heads and the daily hustle & grind.