Need Some Clarity?

Most people stumble onto tarot when they’re at a crossroads in life and they’re having a tough time getting perspective on things. I believe tarot is a tool we can use to find clarity by helping us tune into our intuition and innate wisdom. To me, tarot isn’t about crystal balls and predicting your future. It’s about meeting you where you’re at to spark action, healing and growth. The cards tap into universal themes and archetypes that blend psychology, spirituality and philosophy. Think of me as a translator of the tarot’s symbolism and how the cards work together to convey a message just for you.

I do readings for others because I know firsthand how tarot can shine a spotlight on where we need to focus our time, effort, and energy to move forward.

The Details

Once you’ve purchased your reading, I’ll email you within 24 hours to confirm and ask you to send some thoughts to focus your reading. The more context you can give me, the more I can give in return. Signs can be interpreted in many different ways. Giving me context will help us integrate the messages into your unique situation. I use three main decks for my readings and depending on your focus and what my intuition tells me, I’ll use a combo of the cards in a seven-card spreads.

What You’ll Get

Your reading will be sent to you via email. You’ll receive a PDF that outlines the meaning of each card that appeared in your reading and a summation of the key themes that came up. I’ll also send you a photo of your spread.

What It Costs

Accessible pricing is part of my heart centred business and my readings are based on a PWYC (Pay-What-You-Can) scale. And for every purchase, no matter the price, I’ll donate funds to plant a tree with TreeSisters.

  • Top-tier price ($65 + HST): helps me grow my business, offer accessibility pricing, and be generous with charity donations
  • Mid-tier ($55 + HST): helps me make a reasonable profit and give steadily to multiple charities
  • Low-tier ($45 + HST): helps me cover my expenses and give to select charities

Here’s What Others Have To Say

“Corinne’s readings are a gift. She has a rare ability to open her heart and listen. Her beautiful prose and deep understanding of the cards’ symbolism guided me to look within myself and pay attention to what matters. I treasure her readings and return to their wisdom again and again.” ~ Jill Jago

“Corinne thoughtfully pulled the cards, offered their individual meaning, but also what it all meant together in a way that made perfect sense for me. I needed to hear that I was on the right path and that change is hard but to stick with it. What I enjoyed most about the reading with Corinne was feeling safe with her to be a clear channel and loving towards me.” ~ Rubina Shaikh

“Corinne combines her talents as a writer and her understanding of energy to give you a reading that is beautiful in its poignancy and clarity. She translates her decks and gently points you to their truths in a way that is powerful and, for me, healing. In short: I am in awe.” ~ Bora Pleasance

“I loved my reading so much! It truly resonated with me. Corinne has a strong calming energy that is detected from a distance. I felt really at ease with it (even though these can make me anxious). She went above and beyond and gave me so much insight. I’m looking forward to applying the wisdom she shared into elevating my life experience.” ~ Ambarish Golawar

“I had a reading with Corinne at a time when changes were coming into my life.  I really like how she explained each card. It made me feel better about the changes that were coming and accepting them rather than fighting them. A very enjoyable read even if you’re not a believer.” ~ Inga Kantor

“You have no idea how amazing your reading was. It was just on spot…I was in tears and actually read it a couple of times and I’m still in awe. I really appreciate the insight. Sometimes you need someone who sees everything in the bigger picture to remind you of your path. Thank you so much.” ~ Nahal H.