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Love, Death & Everything In-Between.

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In its raw, pure, and vulnerable form, Love, Death & Everything In-Between explores the potential of healing when loves goes adrift through the eyes of a daughter and ex-wife. A poetic narrative, it moves through reflections on love, death, and healing through the common resonance of what it means to be human. What it means to love. What it means to fall apart. And what it means to be put back together again.



What People Are Saying About Love, Death & Everything In-Between.

“Word of caution; this is not a book you read on a train. You read it in bed, prepared and open for the flood of beauty and pain that this poetry is. Highly recommended for anyone who has lived life, or attempted to. Can’t wait for my second and third dive in.” ~ Borbala Mihalyi

“Incredible!! Not just words on paper… a story told with raw emotions, makes you truly connect with the author and her un-told journey. A must read ❤” ~ Shivanthi

“Beautiful, clever, insightful. A very intimate look into this authors life experiences. Was in tears by the end. Loved it!” ~ connie kennedy

“An engaging read from beginning to end. A potent story, and uniquely written.” ~ Tony

“This is one of the best poetry books I have read in a very long time.. it’s Raw, Beautiful and the words come from deep in the soul. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. Loved it!!” ~ Geraldine Brady