Weekly Tarotscope November 18 – November 24, 2018

The Star card is a symbol of hope and peace of mind. Nestled in a dark sky, the brightest star on the card is also the most colourful. Displaying a full spectrum of hues, it reminds us of the vast beauty of life. Endless possibilities. Hope.

Every now and then, we may question things or wonder about the meaning of it all. When we look to the sky, somehow despite our lack of clear answers, we begin to feel comforted. Renewed. Inspired. This is the energy of the Star card.

While we may not know how things will work out and we can often have more questions than answers, it reminds us to simplify things and connect with the part of ourselves and the world around us that’s hopeful and calm.

How can you be more still and quiet in your life? What actions or rituals can you tap into right now to get you dreaming about possibilities? Who can you connect with to bring some simplicity to your experiences? When can you squeeze in a little time to connect with nature?

Until next week, xoxoxo

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