Weekly Tarotscope January 27 – February 2, 2019

The eight of swords shows a butterfly hanging in its cocoon, dangling above swords. Trapped. Odds stacked against it. Stuck.

The swords family represents change, conflict and power. When this card pops up, it’s important to remember that the swords also refer to our state of mind. It’s a message to step back for a minute and look at a situation in which we may be feeling stuck or powerless and instead try to understand how our own state of mind – our thoughts – may be contributing to how we’re feeling.

If you’re feeling powerless in a situation this week, is there anything you can do to shift your thinking to see the possibilities instead? Can you reframe a difficult situation to find another perspective where you come out on top? Perhaps you’ll feel better about things if you understand what can and can’t be changed and let go of the things you can’t control? Tune into your thoughts and recognize when you’re actually making things tougher for yourself than they need to be.


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