Weekly Tarotscope February 5 – February 11, 2017

The judgement card can stir up feelings of fear, anger, and guilt; but judgement is about more than all those things. This week’s focus isn’t on the harsh emotions associated with judgement (that includes blaming others and ourselves) but rather, on the idea of forgiveness. Instead of holding onto grudges, this is about seeking truth.

Things change when we let go of our tendency to blame others and ourselves – when we let go of all the excuses we hold onto out of fear of seeing the truth and instead, make the conscious choice to forgive. Forgiveness is about freedom and letting go of what’s weighing us down to allow the fear, anger, and judgement fall below. Once we get distance from the negative emotions that hold us in judgement, we can begin to see things as they truly are.

Maybe there’s a situation in which we’re making mountains out of molehills? Some place we’ve created a bigger story than need be, based on how we perceive ourselves or someone else in the situation? Maybe we’re busy placing blame when our time could be best spent trying to understand how we can move through and beyond difficulty?

Focus on the fourth chakra – the heart chakra. When we open up to love, we begin to judge less because we begin to understand that things aren’t black and white, and instead we can begin to empathize with other perspectives and see different points of view rather than blaming any one person or situation. Be open with your emotions. Journal. Scream them out loud. Whatever it takes, release them from your body and accept them for what they are. It’s so easy to obsess over the stories we create in our heads about situations and who’s to blame, and for what, but that pulls us out of the present and our ability to be with what is. When we begin to pull our energy away from blame and judgment, we have more energy for the things that really matter.

Until next week, xo.

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