Love Notes

I’d like to know what puts a smile on your face
so that I can see your eyes light up for me
so that I can pull you out of a funk
so that I can make you glow.

Show me the side of you that isn’t afraid to explore the world
for fear that you might unveil a truth you weren’t willing to face.
Release your inhibitions long enough to see what’s possible
sit in that space with me
and feel what it means to let go –
if even for a minute.

I want to know what scares you
and what drives you
(those may be one and the same?)
what you need to feel real
and what you need to feel whole
so that I can help bring you back to centre
when you’re split in two.

I’d like you to know what it feels like to be me for a day
to find your way through the thoughts that cross my mind –
the subtle and the overt notions in which my obsessions lie.

I wish you could step into my shoes
to see the world as I do
to understand that
while I may be sure of nothing
I’m sure of everything
all at the same time.

I need you to know when I crave connection
and when I need to disconnect for my sanity
and that the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

Show me the side of you that understands my perspective
and I will show you limitless love.

And even after we’ve been together
for months
and years
promise me that
we’ll get to know each other
all over again.


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