Emotional Empathy: Sensitive Souls + World Drama + How To Deal

I woke up too early on Monday morning feeling completely frazzled, anxious, and stressed for no good reason at all. Thinking I just needed to release some tension, I took to my mat to stretch and move through my morning emo moment. But when I started playing the yoga session I selected on my trusty yoga app, the connection stalled, over and over again. Every time I had to reach for the laptop to forward the session to get it moving, I lost my patience, bit by bit to the point where I had to succumb to the fact that my 45-minute session was anything but peaceful and grounding. So I got on with it.

But things just got more messy as the morning went on. I went through my routine moving at lighting speed even though I wasn’t running late. My mind was racing and my body was keeping pace. Feeling grumpy and disconnected, I made my way to the office. I had to leap frog my way to work to avoid a major protest and knowing that I wasn’t ready to squeeze through the raucous crowds, I took the long route in. It was only when I got to the office that I recognized that things just felt heavy. And weighty. And out of control. And icky. And I was stressed about everything and nothing at all. After a good conversation with a co-worker, friend and fellow Pisces it all made sense.

It finally occurred to me that the weight I was carrying wasn’t my own.

We’re all connected and we soak up negative vibes when things are messy around us.

That’s why it’s important to talk it out. 

The people who get us will help us dig through the dirt and understand what’s rising to the surface.

They’ll shed light on the darkness.

They’ll be our support when we feel unbalanced.

They’ll help us sort through our thoughts and toss out what’s no longer working for us.

But first, we need to make the conscious effort to slow down. 

To catch ourselves when our thoughts are running us in circles in our minds and ragged in our bodies.

And to move consciously, as we set an intention to be present to our experiences without being wide open and taking it all on.

When we get sucked into the negativity around us, we begin to lose hope about everything and everyone. We begin to think we have no say and no power over the state of the world but that’s not true.

When we all take care of ourselves – when we all start with what’s happening in our own backyards – that’s when the world will become a better place. It starts with every individual. It starts with me and you. And I believe that we’re more powerful than we think we are.

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