Weekly Tarotscope: January 29 – February 4, 2017

The Empress card is one of the major arcana cards. The major arcana represents a trip through the psyche and focuses on characters or themes that hold us back or set us free. When major arcana cards pop up, they urge us to look deep – they hold a lot of meaning.

The Empress card carries feminine energy. Asking us to embrace our nurturing, compassionate, sensual, creative, and warm side, The Empress reminds us to tune into the place within ourselves that’s playful, fluid, in touch with the earth, and loves unconditionally.

Firmly rooted, the tree stands strong yet its branches will move and bend with the wind. Never straining to get grounded or reach to the sky, we’re reminded to move fluidly and confidently through our days this week.

This card can point to a maternal relationship in our lives, asking it be examined within the context of compassionate love, or to look at the side of ourselves that longs to love more.

The Empress reminds us to get in touch with nature and our feminine side this week. Forgo concrete sidewalks and wander on the grass. Be present to the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair. Feel the earth beneath your feet and feel secure in its solidity. Know that you are steady, safe, and grounded. Move with intention.

Focus on the second chakra – the sacral chakra. Breathe into this space – the lower abdominal area. Feel the movement in your hips. Put on your favourite song and dance. Paint. Write. Draw. Colour. Plant something. DIY that bedroom cabinet you’ve been meaning to paint for months. Get your hands dirty. Draw a bath, light some candles and soak. Be kind to yourself. Call a feminine figure in your life to thank her for her support, her unconditional and unbinding love. Practice this kind of love with others.

Until next week, xo.

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