Weekly Tarotscope April 1 – April 7, 2018

A proud wildcat sits with deliberate focus. The world appears to be radiating with the same intensity. Orange and yellow rays embodying energy and vitality. A sense of springtime. Rebirth. Growth. Renewal.

The magician reminds us that now is the time for focus, decision, and action. Much like the hunter he is, we’re being asked to pursue and capture what we need to thrive. See yourself as the wildcat. Embrace your speed, grace, and abilities. Go for what you want. And if it’s not readily available to you – can you create it for yourself?

The magician has at his disposal, the elements of all four suits of the tarot. As such, he represents expansive and boundless energy. He also reminds us that sometimes, we need to dig a little deeper than what presents itself at the surface. Maybe what we’re searching for isn’t outside of us – in other people, places, and things. Maybe we don’t need to look further than ourselves?

Now is not the time to act from stress or despair. Now is the time to move with intention.

Until next week, xoxo

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