Weekly Tarotscope April 8 – April 14, 2018

Oh karma.

The ten of cups reminds us of how we get what we give. Five cups run across the top of the card and five along the bottom. While they radiate energy outwards to each other, they’re simultaneously receiving. Because, really. Life is just as much about what we give as what we get.

The ten of cups is overflowing with positivity. It’s reminding us to be aware of how important it is to give and receive good energy and positive vibes. There’s a sense of reciprocity here and we’re being asked to be a part of the ongoing exchange of positivity within the universe. This card also serves as a reminder to tune into the harmony in our situations. Even when times seem difficult, we’re being asked to find our inner serenity. Beginning with our own happiness can only help us to share the love with others. Give love. Get love. This ability to tune into love is magnetic and will attract more of the good stuff.


Until next week, xoxo

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