Weekly Tarotscope March 25 – March 31, 2018

Glowing. Radiant. Warm.

This week’s focus brings us the power of the sun and everything it symbolizes.

Throughout history, people have honoured the sun as a source of light and warmth. The energy of the sun and its light enlivens us and widens our perspective. It represents radiance and we’re reminded that we can see clearly when light shines upon our dark corners and shadows. To be enlightened is to shed light upon something and gain a better understanding of it.

In the tarot, the sun also symbolizes vitality and splendour. It’s not a meek card and instead, asks us to expand our limits, embrace our dreams, and live our lives fully.

For the week ahead, think of where you can shine your light – who needs what you can uniquely bring to this world? Consider where you need to uncover the truth to bring some insight into your life. The sun and the light that it brings represents our strong sense of self. Where can you gain more confidence?

As the week unfolds, see how you can profoundly bring your power forth – not in a cocky way – but rather a healthy sense of poise. Consider that you have an abundance of energy and glow with health. That you stand out brilliantly. And consider that you have the innate power to understand all that’s happening in your world. Let your light shine and know that success is on its way.

Until next week, xoxo


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