The World. Tipping Points. Simplicity And Some Other Things I Believe.

I believe the world will feed us a hundred ways in which to frame ourselves as inadequate and incomplete.
Only to turn around and sell us on a person, place, or thing to make us whole again and fill that void.
I believe our job is to weed through the muck and the lies to find our own truth
our own place in this world
our own voice.

To find a space to dwell where we are complete within and of ourselves.

I believe the world is waking up.
That the deep chasm we see in the collective conscious will bring us to a tipping point.
A tipping point marking a shift in perspective. A tipping point sparking change.
A tipping point inciting destruction.
A tipping point initiating rebirth.

I believe that
we self-sabotage by inviting complexity where we crave simplicity.
I believe this simplicity lives in our breath
in our conscious movement
in slowing the fuck down
in love.

I believe we hang tight to our chests, some of the very things that would be best let go of.
Because sometimes we know no other way.
Because, sometimes – when we try something new – we can surprise ourselves.
And find the wholeness we were searching for all along.

I believe that forgiveness is healing
and that forgiveness takes many forms.
But when we’re ready
and the weight lifts
we breathe easier.
We’re reminded of our true essence.
And that
is unshakeable.

I believe that opportunities to heal come in the most obscure forms.
Through conversations that shift our perspective.
Through relationships that create safe spaces.
And that healing occurs when we shut off our brains and open our hearts.


Post image from Instagram. Source unknown.

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