Weekly Tarotscope March 26 – April 1, 2017

The chariot is the seventh card of the major arcana. The major arcana series of cards represents a complete journey of the psyche and the number seven represents wholeness and completeness. The major arcana cards represent the archetypes of our lives and the thoughts, beliefs, and themes that hold us back or set us free.

The chariot is a symbol of our strong will and triumph. This card represents a healthy sense of confidence and our inner warrior. At points in our lives when we feel the bliss of achievement, triumph and a free sense of self, we were riding on her back. The chariot faces everything head on – including problems, joy, and conflict. She is direct with her relationship to the world around her. She doesn’t shy away from life. With her mane flowing freely in the wind, she has mastery over how she presents herself to the world through a clear demonstration of her prowess.

On her forehead is a black crescent moon representing that she embraces change and cycles within life while what looks to be a sun hanging above her symbolizes strength and stability. She represents the ability to accept change and flux in life while retaining a sense of grounding through it all.

This week we’re asked to build a relationship with this part of ourselves – to try to see the chariot inside of us. The more we focus our minds, the easier it will be to sense her presence and stay mounted on her back through anything we need to face. She asks us to look at overcoming adversity in our lives through determination and willpower.

Where can you find your sense of inner strength to look challenges in the eye and move through them without judgement and with the confidence that you’ll find your way through the mazes of life? Where can you embrace change in your life to learn more about who you are and what you’re capable of? Where can you shift your focus to truly experience and appreciate a sense of freedom and mastery?

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