Weekly Tarotscope April 2 – April 8, 2017

The wands are ruled by the element of fire and represent inspiration and creativity. They relate to our ambitions, goals, and dreams, and they mark the beginning of ventures within the mind and our spirit.

The four of wands looks like a portal opening up, where we’re pulling back a layer to shed light on a clear focus while we uncover colourful depths below. The focus lies at the centre of the card, which is denoted by the colour blue – symbolizing the sixth chakra or our third eye chakra. In fact, the entire visual is reminiscent of an eye, meaning that we’re gaining a new understanding and new perspectives. Since this is the suit of wands, this new way of seeing is specifically connected to shifts in our thinking and the way our spirit manifests itself in the world.

The four of wands marks a completion and celebration. Having put in steady and strong labour, the harvest will be plentiful and now it’s time to party. We’re asked to celebrate how far we’ve come without denying that there’s still far to go. After all, we’re constantly changing, as are our ways of understanding reflected in our spiritual growth. Each of us are on our own path and our mission is to recognize personal milestones and take the time to appreciate our journey.

The four of wands embodies celebration and also anticipation for what the future may bring. We’ve passed an important threshold and we need to proud of ourselves as we continue moving ahead.

Until next week, xo


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