The Magic In Rituals

It’s easy to keep up with the things that make us feel good when we’re feeling good.

Early morning yoga class is cool when things aren’t too busy and we can quiet our mind long enough to really get into our bodies and connect to the practice. Daily meditation is easier to settle into when we don’t feel rushed through our day, when we can spare a couple of minutes to sit still. Taking a long hot bath at the end of the day is easier when we aren’t slammed with work that feels like it can’t possibly wait until tomorrow.

When we have the time and mental space to do the rituals that make us feel good, we imprint those feel-good vibes onto our body. Every cell associates that yoga class, meditation practice and self-care action with a feeling of peace, connection and calm. The more we do it, the better. We reduce the stress we feel from day-to-day. We remind ourselves of what it feels like to feel good and that’s contagious. Our positivity rubs off on everyone around us.

When we do those things regularly, they become things that we look forward to – things that become ritual and automatic. When this happens, we don’t have to think twice, do we? We instinctively know what we need to get into a good space.

But more often than not, we drop all that stuff when shit hits the fan. Things get complicated in life and work and we stop making the time for those things because we’re stressed, tired, burnt out, frustrated, etc, etc. And that’s when we need those things the most. And the more we can make those things ritualistic, the more we’ll be able to incorporate them into our lives when we need them the most. They become the things we know are tried, tested and true to get us back in our groove.

Some of the things on my list of feel-good, get-myself-centred-again things include jogging, yoga, meditation, walking, dancing, painting, journaling, anything related to water and bare feet, crystals, smudging, candles and the occasional poutine (Hey. Nobody’s perfect, right?)

What are your non-negotiables? What are the things that you know can get you back on track? How can you incorporate them into your life some more to make them more easily accessible when you really need them? Let us know in the comments below!

Much love, XXX

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