The Business of Love

We’re so often oversold on grand expressions of romantic love.
As if the only kind of true love that exists
is defined by shiny engagement rings
picture perfect smiles and interactions
dreamy sweep-you-off-your-feet expressions of emotion and
happily-ever-after endings.

But what about the subtle expressions of love?

What about the fact that love takes many forms
and that sometimes
it’s perfect simply because of its imperfection.

What about the fact that love is patient.
Patient enough to weather the storms
that inevitably come and go over time –
defined by moments of loss
and occasionally not-so-loving feelings.
And what about the feeling of finding your way home to love
when you think you’ve lost yourself
in the mundane
and the routine –
only to find yourself again in the eyes of someone who loves you despite it all?

But real life doesn’t sell well does it?
It’s not shiny and new forever
and eventually
the novelty wears off
and we have to remind ourselves
that while they may not be perfect
our real versions of love
are perfect enough for us.


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