Weekly Tarotscope June 4 – June 10 2017

The High Priestess symbolizes mystery and psychic wisdom. She sits still and her expression is both serene and alert. From this perspective, she’s able to access realms others may pass by without considering. She represents the dark and subjectivity.

Enveloped by a dark sky, she asks us to acknowledge the shadows and dark in our lives and simply sit with it all. Before her sits a coloured globe – the only colour that appears on the card. The swirling blues and purples represent spiritual receptivity and intuition. This brings to mind the ethereal energy of dreams, mysteries, and spiritual knowledge. Instead of the energy emanating from an external source and being channeled, the energy is channeled inward and concentrated here.

Sometimes this card appears to remind us to listen to the voice within. Other times, it asks us to look past the obvious to find what’s secret or has been hidden within a given situation. We notice that the High Priestess does not try to hold onto the sphere before her. Her paws are spread around it – suggesting complete confidence in her inner knowing.

The High Priestess knows how to be immersed in dreams, visions, and the world of the psyche without letting them overcome them or trying to control or change her perspective. Her power lies in the opposite of doing – her power lies in simply being.

Until next week, xoxo

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