Weekly Tarotscope May 28 – Jun 3, 2017

The Ten of Cups is all about radiating energy. Looking at this card, we can’t help but feel positive. Creating a full circle, five cups on the top and five on the bottom each send forth beams of light to each other. While these cups are sending light, they’re also receiving light. All the colours of the rainbow are present here – giving us the sense of being whole and complete. Everything is as it should be and we can feel the positive energy – life is good!

The sending and receiving of colours we’re seeing here show us that we get what we give. While it may be great to receive the things we want, it’s also important to send good back out to the world – that includes positive experiences and energy. When we radiate good energy, we create even more beauty in the world.

The ten of cups is letting us know that our goals are being realized right now. The excitement surrounding us is magnetic to others – if only we take the time to share it. When we feel positive about things, we may feel as though colour is radiating outward from us – like we’re shining. When this happens, it’s important to experience these sensations with an open and joyful heart. We can’t doubt the power we have in reflecting the positivity we’re feeling to others around us.

This card also reminds us of the importance of gratitude. It reminds us of times of joy and connection with ourselves, our environment, and the people around us. If we want to continue to receive love, joy, and harmony, we need to start by embodying these qualities within ourselves.


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