Seeking Home Within: A Meditation For Self-Discovery



Before you find home within yourself, you’ll be rattled and shaken to the core.

The mindsets and perspectives that require release will rise to the surface.

In some cases, you’ll be consciously aware of what needs to pass through while others will sit on the periphery of your mind as a feeling of discomfort and unease that you’ll find difficult to articulate yet impossible to ignore.

Now is not the time to busy your mind with thoughts, interpretations and labels.

The key is to simply be still with what’s coming up.

To unplug from the noise.

To distance yourself from the tendency to dramatize your circumstances or victimize yourself.

The focus now must be on you.

You cannot heal when your perspective is clouded with external trivialities. And you’ll know when it’s time to crawl out of your cave.

Trust that you know.

Feel it in your bones and every fibre of your being.

Trust that you know.

Connect with the higher part of yourself that’s guiding you to your greatest good.

Trust that you know.

That no one knows better than you what is undeniably best for you.

Trust that you already know the answers and that they’ll be revealed in time.

Trust that you already know the way home.

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