Meditation For The Week Ahead

Feel your feet planted firmly on the ground. Imagine them rooting into the earth below.

Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Where can you show yourself more love?

Get outside. Feel the air. The sun. The rain.

Move with intention. Practice presence.

Make love. Make tea. Make time. Make your own happiness.

Resist nothing. Expect nothing. Appreciate everything.


Take chances. Make mistakes. Let it go. Try again.


Be quick to move on when holding onto that grudge, comment or outcome feels too heavy to bear.

Smile. Laugh. Engage. Converse. Look ’em square in the eye.

Love without abandon. Love recklessly. Love yourself recklessly. 

Speak your truth – no matter how much your voice quakes or your knees buckle.

Listen to music. Dance. Sing.

Sit with the muck. Find the light.


Know your worth.

Ask questions.

Forgive yourself.


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