Promise Me

Promise me that you’ll never stop feeding your sense of curiosity – that feeling you get with the very idea of inviting something new into your life that makes you partly excited and a little bit scared because you’re being stretched beyond what you already know to be true, what’s comfortable, stable and proven.

Promise me that you’ll treat yourself kindly. That you’ll refrain from judging, overanalyzing and condemning yourself for being yourself – regardless of whether you’ve made the ‘right’ decisions, took the ‘right’ step or made the ‘right’ call.

Promise me that you’ll take care of your body. That you’ll recognize that every time you do something kind for yourself, you say a small prayer of gratitude for being alive.

Promise me that you’ll always see the good in others – that doesn’t mean that you take other people’s shit – it means that you recognize that inside every cocky, overconfident and boisterous being, there’s a scared child who’s afraid to let others down for fear that they’re not good enough and that we’re all fighting a similar battle within ourselves.

Promise me that you’ll share yourself with those you love. That you’ll take a chance, open up and allow your truth to fall from your lips and into the lap of someone who sees you for who you are and loves you even more for it.

Promise me that you won’t ignore your soul – that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you need to pursue a dream or live a vision of yourself that others may not necessarily understand or agree with – that you’ll trust in yourself even when others appear to have given up.

Promise me that you’ll always remember that you’re not like anyone else and that’s precisely what makes you fucking beautiful.


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