We’ll Always Be Too-Much-Something For Somebody

You say I’m too sensitive –
too apt to feel too much.
Well I’d rather recognize
every ache
every awkward, uneasy
and uncomfortable moment
every blow and misfortune.

To clarify:
I choose to feel
not to commiserate
but rather
to acknowledge the truth
for what it is.

With every tear I shed
I release the weight
that often makes it hard to breathe
and I teach myself
to love myself

As I release
I learn that the guilt
and the blame
isn’t worth clinging to and
I teach myself
to judge myself

And as I began to face the dark
I noticed that
the sun began to shine brighter
my love began to burn deeper
my days took on more meaning
and not because this was necessarily inevitable
but because
I chose my new perspective.

And so, you see,
you may believe I feel too much
but I’d rather head dive
into the spectrum of feelings
available to me
than merely dip my toes in
for fear of feeling too much
of anything.

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