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On Being Human, Or, Reminders For Your Day

January 24, 2018


It’s ok
to not be


Trust that
really knows
what they’re doing.


There’s nothing more intriguing
or sexy
than being with someone
who feels as human
as you do.


Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable
before you can comfortably inhabit your skin again.


Don’t be afraid
to renounce
your convictions.


Give yourself permission
to feel your way through it.


Expectations can ruin




November 7, 2017

I’m still learning to let go
of outcomes
and expectations.

I cannot control
how you see me
interpret my words
or decipher my actions.

After all
we all filter others
through our own perceptions and preconceptions
having already made up our minds
on just about everything
all the time.

And so instead
I promise to let you know
my intentions
and I hope that you can trust me
when I tell you
my naked and vulnerable truth –
the first time.

I hope that you can trust me
enough to know
I mean no harm.
Enough to know
that I too am sometimes stuck and
at a loss for words.

But I promise
to do my best
and I hope you can agree
that my best –
and your best –
is good enough.

Relationship Spirituality

Meditation on Love, Loss + Transformation

October 16, 2017

“The transformation of the heart is a wondrous thing, no matter how you land there.” ~ Patti Smith

I lost something
when I lost you.

It seemed to have slipped through my fingers.

was a comfortable
and familiar air of optimism
about myself
the world around me
my purpose.

And for some reason I thought
it was my job to find it.
To fix it.
To fill the void.

Somehow I thought
I had to make it all better.

After days
and months
of sifting
and searching
through my broken pieces
I gave myself
the permission
to sit
in the clumsy mess
and muck of it all.

Only then did I realize
that the beauty of the loss
lived in its very void:
that awkward
and empty space.

The beauty of the loss
was learning
that it was not mine to fix
or stuff
with other people
or things.

It was not my job
to pad that spot
to make it more pleasant
or soothing.

After all
I’d been working so hard
to let go of the things
that weighed me down through the years –
the things I had
and unconsciously
attached to you.
Attached to us.

Only then did I realize
that I created that space
to make room
for everything to come
after I lost you.