Process & Outcome, Or, How My Second Book Came To Be

As I glanced up from the kitchen counter and he laid the small package down, I felt a bubble of excitement run through my body. “It’s here!” I thought. This Flesh These Bones is my second book and it almost didn’t make it to print. 

Truth be told, it didn’t come as easily as the first. Love, Death & Everything In-Between felt like a straight-up birthing, where I wrote the majority of it one bright Sunday morning on the rooftop of my condo. This second one was a start-stop-sputter-continue process where I: wrote, explored, got stuck, parked it, revisited it, changed direction, parked it, cracked it open again and somehow managed to tie it up. 

Within its verses, lie references to my previous piece and seeds for the next. And while I’m excited it’s in print. Completed. Living in this world. Looking back, I see the process was far more important than holding its glossy frame in my hands.

The journey here reminded me that creation isn’t always pretty/easy/smooth sailing (never flawless) but so goddamn necessary.
That this Pisces needs to create a clear vision for where she’s going because when things are fuzzy, she can often get lost in the weeds. And that she’s surrounded by souls (both those she can see and those she can’t) that know how and when to coax her from the weeds, back to the path forward.
That getting it all down in carefully selected and meticulously arranged words is ridiculously cathartic and also, so goddamn necessary.

And so, This Flesh These Bones is ready for you. 
A return to love, it explores the ways in which we can often complicate the relationships with those we love the most and reminds us of the simplicity inherent in it all. That after all, we’re all human and really not that different at all.

If you grab a copy and are so inclined, I would be eternally grateful for you to drop a comment on Amazon. 

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