7 Tips To Hone Your Intuition

There are people who always refer to their gut instinct and intuition and make moves based on it – people who won’t do A or B or can’t trust so-and-so – based on strong feelings either one way or another. They’ll base their actions on what that feeling in the pit of their stomach is telling them. We call these people instinctual, highly intuitive, psychic, etc. And sometimes we can tell ourselves that they have some uncanny ability that we don’t have.

I call bullshit.

When I hear clients say “I’m not intuitive” or “I wish I knew better what was best for me”, I ask them how they made that decision to leave the friendship or love relationship that wasn’t working for them. Or why they quit that job that was burning them out. Or why they decided to pursue that hobby that lights them up. And the response is typically along the lines of, “Oh I just knew”. That’s intuition and gut instinct at its best.

The problem is that sometimes our intuition yells and waves flags to get our attention, while other times, it whispers and comes through as quiet thoughts, signs, feelings and inklings. So we can often get confused as to what our intuition really sounds like to us.

There are certainly times when our intuitive nature is heightened – in say an emergency. Our body starts pumping adrenaline and people have talked about being overcome with a shockingly strong sense of power to get through a life-threatening situation. In that case, our instincts are at full force and it’s crystal clear that we have to act on them.

But there are also times when our intuition whispers to us or plants a thought into our heads when we least expect it. We might be walking down the street on a sunny day, with no cares in the world and a thought might pop into our head. It could be a very simple thought to do something or talk to someone. We can easily dismiss those moments as just random and unimportant rather than act on them as a nudge from that little voice that knows what we need.

This week’s video will give you 7 ways to hone your intuition. Enjoy!

Much love, XXX

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