Creating Your Day Through Mindful Mornings

Our days are created in the morning. When we start off our day feeling stressed, tense and anxious before we even get out of bed, everything afterwards will follow the same vibe. When we carry on through our morning activities rushing around to get out the door, we’re starting off on the wrong foot.

It’s a scientific fact that the brain doesn’t know the difference between intention and action.

Think about that.

If you’re getting up in the morning, rushing around and telling yourself that the day is going to be unproductive, crappy and messy, your brain essentially thinks that you’ve already had a day that’s precisely that – unproductive, crappy and messy. So before you’ve even left the house or started your work day, your brain is convinced that the day was pretty awful. It’s no wonder that we have bad days when we get into a space where we’re not enjoying our mornings.

This week’s video includes some ways that we can create great days ahead of us by being mindful in the morning.

Much love, XXX

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