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Welcome. This is where I lay it down. Inspiration. Word flow. Musings on the messiness of being human. My hope is that something resonates with you. That we connect through things that inspire us both to be soulful, grounded and in touch with something higher than routine, the hustle and the grind. Oh. And I made you something.

Weekly Tarotscope
January 14 – January 20, 2018

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This week’s card is the Father of Pentacles. The suit of Pentacles refers to worldly possessions and is ruled by the Earth element. These speak to issues of our home, money, and career. They reflect our generousity or greed. In the predominantly b+w Wild Unknown deck, when the full spectrum of colours appear, it’s not by accident. This alludes to the

My New Year’s Wish For You

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I wish you love. I wish you joy, peace, and prosperity. I wish you everything your heart desires and whatever those desires look like for you: whether that’s growth, strength, connection, creativity, flow, a new workout routine that sticks, your goal to read a book a month, more quality time with the ones you adore…. But above all, I wish


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I’m still learning to let go of outcomes and expectations. I cannot control how you see me interpret my words or decipher my actions. After all we all filter others through our own perceptions and preconceptions having already made up our minds on just about everything all the time. And so instead I promise to let you know my intentions

Meditation on Love, Loss + Transformation

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“The transformation of the heart is a wondrous thing, no matter how you land there.” ~ Patti Smith I lost something when I lost you. It seemed to have slipped through my fingers. Gone: was a comfortable and familiar air of optimism about myself the world around me and my purpose. And for some reason I thought it was my job to find

Not Waiting For Perfection: The Launch of My Book

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So I finally self-published my first book (not my last, I promised myself). The initial proof wasn’t what I wanted it to be. The size and feel: something was off. And the cover art was less than professional-looking. And so I tweaked. With the second proof, things felt better but there was something funky happening on one of the pages.