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The tarot is used as a tool to know ourselves better. The cards let us get out of our own way by offering focus and expanding that focus beyond what may be immediate and sitting at the surface. By digging deeper.

For the Weekly Tarotscopes, I pull a card as a focus for the week ahead. Use them as a guide and move with what resonates with you.


Weekly Tarotscope
April 29 – May 5, 2018

May 1, 2018

The Son of Swords reminds us that, sometimes, good things take time and lots of effort. He reminds us to work hard for what we want. To be determined. To remain focused. To move towards a goal with urgency. To get to the heart of the matter.

This week we’re being asked to lock ourselves on a target and pour our energy into it. With a single-minded focus, we can address the things that perhaps we’ve been putting off. Delaying for another time, place, or the perfect circumstances. Rather than put things off, what can you do to get the wheels in motion? Continue Reading


Weekly Tarotscopes
April 22 – April 28, 2018

April 24, 2018

A spider meticulously weaves her web. Dedicated and precise, she’s a master of her art.

Much as how she hones her craft with every intricate and subtle move, this week, we’re being asked to sharpen our skills. Go about our tasks with true confidence. Get focused. Pay attention to the details.

The suit of Pentacles speaks to our worldly possessions – issues involving our homes, money, or careers. Much like the spider has captured the pentacles in her web, we’re being asked to consider what we’d like to acquire or attain. Continue Reading