Weekly Tarotscope
May 13 – May 19, 2018

May 13, 2018

A lamb lies still with its third eye coloured and lit. Displaying a sense of calm, it’s almost as if it’s unaware of the four swords lined up, evenly spaced apart above its body. It looks serene and concentrative. The lamb is reminding us to take some time to be still. To sit with what is. To integrate. There’s a sense of stability and calm in this scene, despite the line of swords.

Much like the swords looming above the lamb, this week, we’re being asked to sit mindfully amidst the pressures and mental stresses of our own lives. When we can sit calmly despite what appears to be potential threats, issues, or complications, the weight of our worries begin to lift.

What can you do this week to find a calm place within any chaotic circumstances? To find some peace of mind? Can you unplug from worrying about things that may be imposing stress on you and instead, sit in stillness, without fear? Can you look at your circumstances differently – to move inward and recuperate rather than overthinking and overanalyzing – to reduce your stress? Now’s the time to look inside and find your own peace.

Until next week, xoxo


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