Winter Healing + February Self-Care

apologize to your body.
that’s where the healing begins.”

~ Nayyirah Waheed

Let us begin by apologizing to our bodies for the occasions on which we quelled our emotions far before we were earnestly prepared to move on. To move forward. To forgive.

Let us not censor ourselves.

Rather, let us be conscious of what we truly feel and feel it. Along with all the grace and tenderness that comes along with being sincere. Truthful. Real.

Let us communicate humbly, kindly, honestly. In a way that sets healthy boundaries, respects our beliefs, and delivers strength in the thick of the unease that often goes hand-in-hand with being vulnerable.


synonyms: helpless, defenceless, powerless, impotent, weak, susceptible

Yeh, let’s reframe that to: strength, courage, energy, health, intelligence, brilliance

Because when we wander around the earth stifling emotion. Stuffing it down. Ignoring it. Forgetting it. Our body bears the brunt.

It cements in us. Weighty. Confining. Limiting. It cements us in.

It manifests in aches, pains, tightness, stiffness and over time, becomes chronic.

Let us begin by apologizing to our body and finding peace in the release. The settling of bones. The grounding. The acceptance.

Let the rest then come naturally. An understanding within ourselves. Of ourselves. And for ourselves.

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