Weekly Tarotscope February 11 – February 17, 2018

The Eight of Pentacles is all about skill and honing our craft.  Like a spider – a true master of her craft – we’re being asked to look at what we’re skillful at and understand what we need to do to refine our artistry. She weaves her web intricately, with a precise focus and confidence in the end product.

This week we’re being asked to hone our skills. When we’re close to finding our mastery of our craft, we need to continue to strive for it by paying attention to all the details. And most importantly, we can’t forget that it takes work. It takes a dedication to each part of our work.

It’s time to tap into a good old fashioned work ethic. It’s time to not be swayed by distractions, doubts, or outside influences. Take an example from the spider and just do what needs to be done without drama. Devote yourself to the work that’s required.

How can you deepen your craft? Your practice? Your awareness? What skills can you tap into and sharpen to evolve and move forward?

Until next week, xoxo

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