What If: A Love Letter To The New Year

What if, this year, we decided to stop trying to become something?

What if, this year, rather than trying to become ‘something more’ or ‘someone better’, rather than trying to:

  • Get to the gym more often
  • Eat better
  • Land that new gig/promotion/client
  • Make more money
  • Take that course
  • Find that special someone…

What if, this year, we simply decided to be.

What if we reverse-engineered our goals? What if we looked at all of our resolutions, intentions and visions and instead understood how all of those things are going to make us feel. What if we then just went ahead and felt that way now, not when:

  • We exercise more
  • Eat healthier
  • Advance in our career or business
  • Get a raise
  • Learn something new
  • Fall in love…

What if we decided that – happiness, fulfillment, success, freedom, love, strength, wisdom, energy, whatever we’re searching for – none of these things need to be put off for the ‘right time’, with the ‘right person’ or in the ‘right situation’?

What if we decided that we don’t need to wait for opportunity to knock on our door?

What if we decided to give ourselves the permission to be who we are?

What if we decided to do what it takes to feel what we’re craving today. Here. Now. In this moment.

What if we decided that it isn’t about being our perfect selves before we decide to take an active role in our lives or careers?

What if we decided that the beauty of fresh beginnings and new years is not about becoming something but rather about experiencing life. Simply that and nothing more?

What would change?

What would you do differently?

What if you decided to just be.

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