Chucking The Rules For Meditation PLUS A 3-Minute Guided Meditation

I joined Talia Chai of Talia Chai Wellness yet again for tips on Clean Living. If you missed us last time, we talked about self-care and encouraged you to embark on a week-long self-care challenge with us. (My care included a lot of walking, reading and just taking the time to smell the roses).

This time, we talked about mindfulness and meditation. We included a 3-minute guided meditation that you can use whenever you like throughout your day to get you settled, grounded and release any tension you might be feeling. Hitting the proverbial wall in your day? Stressing out about lining up your ducks in row before the holiday officially kicks in? Join us for some r+r (video link below).

I’ll be taking time this upcoming week to disconnect so I won’t be hitting your inbox until the New Year.

Wishing you all an incredibly amazing holiday – whatever that means to you! Rest. Relax. Connect with family and friends. Disconnect from the world. Shut off your TV and go for a walk. Watch some crappy daytime tv. Party like it’s 1999. Take the time to count your blessings. Sleep in damnit. You deserve it. 



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