Well, Hello There!

It’s been a while in the making but I’m happy to say that I got my new website done! Woohoo!

It’s amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you vow to put your ass on the line and really put yourself out there. And I mean: “here I am world – let me show you the parts of myself that I’m a little shy about” out there. This is how I want to serve my clients and how I see myself making a dent in the universe.

Almost 2 years ago, I quit my job and told everyone I knew that I was ready to launch my own company. I talked about coaching clients to help them become their authentic selves, helping them grow and make big shifts and changes in their lives. At the time, I took the safe route. Since I had been so involved in branding and marketing my entire career, it felt easier to frame my work around helping entrepreneurs brand their businesses – it was still about helping people be more authentic in their lives but I was hiding. I was hiding behind my own fear. I was hiding behind the feeling that maybe I wasn’t good enough/experienced enough/savvy enough to really make a huge impact on the lives of my clients on my terms – in the ways that make me truly unique.

The safe route was what I needed at the time, no doubt. I was able to dip my toes into the water and get a feel for what it takes to run a business. I was able to get myself out there, make new connections and see how others were doing it on their own. Most importantly though, I woke up one day and asked myself if I had built a business that I loved and that I could really make an impact with. The answer that came back to me: “Sure Corinne. You could be really good at this. You could make an impact. BUT this isn’t what you really want to do. So what are you waiting for?” I decided to take a chance and not choose from the easy options in front of me.

I’m a firm believer that success isn’t along a straight A to B route. I believe that, in fact, you need to make some turns and detours along the way, take 2 steps forward and sometimes, 10 steps back. And that sometimes, you fall flat on your face. But it’s when you pick yourself up and look inside and get really honest that you can begin to shape your life in an authentic way. This applies to everything – from business, to life, to love, to friendships and everything in between.

So here I am world!

As I like to say, ‘ish just got real.

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