How a Week In Peru Changed My Perspective

I sent out an email to my entire database in mid-June. I said I was shuttin’ my business down to figure out what’s next. Well, that was followed by the most incredible week in Peru with one of my most favourite people in the world – freelance business guru/freedom-seeker Heather Thorkelson. Heather brought together 10 of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met and took us on a whirlwind trip climbing mountains, experiencing Peruvian cuisine and getting deep into what we truly wanted from life, business and love. I don’t think any of us went home the same way as we left.

A week of checking in with myself – really checking in – helped me figure out where I want to be. (Climbing the peaks of the Andes Mountains and parking your butt in complete silence with nothing to distract you except the sun, sky, birds and a quick rain shower will centre you in a way that nothing else can).

And what did I discover about myself? Well among other things, I realized that I was building a business that I was great at but not one that I truly loved. I was creating work for myself that I could do very well and where I could make a difference but not in the way that I really want to.

And guess what? Life is really too short to create anything in your life that doesn’t serve you.

And so I’ve redesigned my business. I threw out the box and created a flexible and unconventional way of inspiring, supporting, coaching and motivating you to live authentically and fully. And I’m gonna get a little hippy on you ‘cuz I think you need to get in touch with something other than the stuff right in front of your face to create a life and business that puts a spring in your step and gets you out of bed everyday.

And voila! Here it is. As I like to say, shit just got real.

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