Weekly Tarotscope March 5 – March 11, 2017

March 6, 2017

The suit of cups deals with emotions and our quality of connections to others. It relates to the element of water and indicates that the situation we’re focusing on has to do mostly with the heart.

This week, we look to the Daughter of Cups for inspiration. Symbolized by a swan, we think of love, elegance, and grace. At home in the water, swans are also delicate and strong – all at the same time.

The Daughter of Cups swims in calm waters and her reflection appears in colours that represent the chakras – from our base grounded to the earth, through to our connection to higher realms. She maintains a sense of calm that can only come from understanding all aspects of our being, and sometimes, as a result of naivety – seeing only the positive, or seeing the world through rose coloured glasses. We can interpret this as the potential to experience and express the full range of emotions we may feel, without judgement or having to control anything, with a focus on the positive. The Daughter of Cups is emotional and through her ability to live through her emotions – artistic. Conflict is disturbing to her very nature but when calm amidst a storm of feelings, she can move through them with positivity, grace, and elegance.

Where can you focus on the positive in your life right now? How can you move through the rollercoaster of emotions you may be experiencing without judgement and instead, see it as experiences in feeling the gamut of emotions that we’re meant to feel? How can you be more vulnerable in your relationships and show your true colours? How good will it feel to be you – as simple and complicated as you are? How can you channel your emotions into creativity?

Until next week, xo.

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