Meditation On Release

Today I say goodbye
to the versions of myself
that seek validation
and permission.
The parts of me that
and explain
for fear of being misunderstood
and ignored.

I hereby release the need to control the circumstances around me and understand the reasoning behind why things happen the way they do.

I hereby release the need to unravel the clues, figure it out, and fix things and instead I allow life to unfold naturally.

I hereby choose to untangle myself from the binds that restrain me to one place in which I cannot change, grow, and learn and instead I humble myself to the mysteries of the universe.

I hereby let go of tendencies to attach myself to things, people, emotions, thoughts, patterns, and addictions that hang onto my body, weigh me down, and make it hard to breathe.

I hereby revert to love.
In all instances – love.
Not for naivety or from ignorance but because I know it’s the only thing that truly heals.


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