The Big Picture

June 25, 2018

when it’s over. and you have nothing for or against the person. and they are free to fly from your body and your memory. that’s breathing. ~ nayyirah waheed

Care is revolutionary. Love is disruptive. Connection corrodes injustice. ~ Chani Nicholas

Give me arms to pray with instead of ones that hold too tightly ~ Florence Welch

“For the parts of our hearts
asking for a remembering:

I hereby break all contracts I made unconsciously and consciously before I knew the depth of my own Spirit; the silent ones, the ones I inherited, passed down and accepted as my own from generation to generation.

I hereby severe all ties with that which holds me down and back, unable to see the glimmer of what I know to be true, whether by my own creation or by expectations tied like weights around my ankles by others lost in the sea of their own confused hearts.

I hereby reclaim my right to choose how my story unfolds, armed with creativity, a heart made of gold and reverent humility.

I hereby fully accept all of this living and what-is-yet-to-come with brash integrity and loving determination.

I hereby swear to use my superpowers for the love of all beings and I return anything that no longer serves my Higher and Lower Self (and any of the ones Caught-in-Between) with gratitude and consciousness.

I do this all with love, from the great source of it found in my very own beating heart.

I declare myself alive.

May it be so.”

~ Bryonie Wise

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