Weekly Tarotscope June 24 – June 30, 2018

The crow on the card appears to be speaking loudly and it appears that he’s rather restless. The key he holds suggests that he has THE key – the one thing – that can unlock all that we need. The flash of colour bolting into the key suggests that it’s being infused with knowledge and energy. While your ‘key’ may be different than mine or someone else’s, the hierophant is suggesting that now is the time to find the key to what you need.

In its simplest form, the hierophant represents a mentor or teacher. This card signifies a hunger for knowledge, be it practical or in the spiritual sense. You’ve come as far as you can on your own and now it’s time to deepen your practice. In seeking new knowledge, the hierophant reminds us to look for new groups or communities to join  – a class, a workshop, a new experience.

When the Hierophant appears, it may be useful to consider your relationship with societal authority figures. Would it be beneficial for you to engage in ritual or learn from an expert? Or on the other hand, is your individuality being stifled by the pressure to follow the crowd? What do you need to grow right now and how can you get started?

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