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I’ve only recently started to really appreciate the energy and power of crystals and stones. I have to admit, I was a little shy about coming out about this at first. I used to think it was a little too woo-woo to believe that a stone/gem/crystal could possibly change my energy or the energy around me. So I decided to demystify the whole thing and do a little research.

It was then that I realized how much I took these amazing elements for granted. As I write this post on my MacBook Air, I’m staring at an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. My iPhone screen – LCD. Most TVs, clocks, calculators and watch displays – LCD. My laptop and iPhone are also run by processor chips made of silicon, which is an element derived or synthesized from silicate minerals in the earth’s crust, a.k.a. crystals.

We use crystals in devices because their balanced and ordered structure emits consistent frequencies and allows them to store a crazy amount of information. Quartz is used in watches and clocks to tell time because they stabilize and regulate the flow of energy. Quartz crystal can store data for up to 300 million years. Ruby crystals were used on the first laser and are still used today to focus and concentrate energy. Synthesized crystallin material has recently been reported to help human beings breathe underwater.

Crystals and stones have their own energy, frequency and vibration (as do our cells and chakras – the centres of energy in the human body). Crystals and stones oscillate at their own frequency and also respond to the input of vibrations. When we come into contact with a crystal, its vibration interacts with the vibration of the cells in our body. The frequencies carried by a crystal or stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our energy field (this is the law of resonance). These frequencies, when combined, create a larger vibrational field.

When the energy of a stone or crystal syncs with the same energy in our system, it amplifies this energy. So when I rock that new rainbow moonstone ring, it specifically intensifies my feminine energy. It’s a stone that enhances feelings and encourages eager expectations and desires and heartfelt resolve. It’s also know to have a powerful vibration to help heighten psychic ability.

The effects of stones and crystals on our body occur because our nervous system responds to the shift in energy made by being around them. When this happens, we get a message to our brain that creates biochemical shifts that affect the body and shift brain functions.

Putting all the science away for a sec, I also intuitively know that something happens when I have my favourite stones and crystals around. I use them when I do Reiki and I typically have a couple of stones with me – in my pocket or sitting on my desk as I’m working. Call me woo-woo if you like but I figure if I feel like something is going to make a good impression on me, I might  as well keep it around. There’s too much negativity out there – I’d rather do something that makes me feel good.

Besides, I can admit it – I think I may have been born in the wrong era. I definitely woulda made a kick ass hippy.

Much love XXX

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