Mercury Retro-What?

Allow me to recap my last couple of weeks for you, if I may? Shit began to hit the fan last Sunday night as I settled down with a glass of robust and spicy red vino to work when I accidentally spilled said vino all over my beloved less-than-1-year-young MacBook Air. As I watched my screen immediately flip to pitch black and I saw wine pooling between its keys and gently cushioning the edge of my Mac, I thought, “Oh shit. She’s pooched.”

I then calculated the cost of replacing my Mac, various applications and the priceless value of the files that I may or may not have backed up on my external drive and parked my butt in a hot bath (sans wine because of course, I had spilled every last drop) and thought about the plea I could use at the Apple store. “I was hiking in the mountains of Peru when I plunged into a fast-moving river to save a drowning puppy. It was then that I realized that I still had my Mac tucked in the bag I had packed filled with snacks and supplies that I had been trekking with to supply to an orphanage…” but

A) I’m a really shitty liar and that would just get messy, real fast

B) Apparently this happens ALL THE TIME because Apple has a strict ‘Liquid damage is liquid damage and we don’t cover that shit’ Policy (I may have taken liberties with the way they explain their policy but I digress)

So I regretfully admitted defeat.

Faulty Technology – 1 / Corinne – 0

Luckily Apple builds their laptops like freaking vaults and despite the red wine seeping from every crevice of my MacBook late Sunday evening, that puppy turned on all bright and cheery–eyed (reeking of red wine nonetheless) on Monday night as I exalted Steve Job’s spirit.

Faulty Technology – 0 / Corinne – 1

On Tuesday morning though, I left my house and endured an hour and a half public transit commute without reading material or music because my Kindle battery was dead and I forgot my Ipod (I know, I know, first-world problems). Then there was this past weekend when I had an epic spat with the bf over positively nothing of note because neither of us were able to make heads or tails of our conversation due to our mutual inability to say wtf we were really trying to say. And I thought, “ah yes Mercury Retrograde, you sneaky little thing, you”.

Mercury went into Retrograde again on January 21st and will be in this state until February 11th (plus or minus a couple of days on either end). So what does this mean for us? Mercury’s orbit slows down 3 to 4 times a year. To us, it appears that the planet has actually stopped and is moving backwards (this is an optical illusion though, as it’s still moving forward, like speeding by a slow-moving train – as it recedes, it appears to move backward).

Mercury is the messenger so during this time, communication, travel and technology is bound to be screwy. It’s wise to double-check the details of any new commitments at this time. Set plenty of time for travel in case of mishaps. Think before you speak/hit send. Random people from the past might suddenly pop up into your life.

The Retrogrades in 2015 are in Air signs – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. This means that we’ll be dealing with a review of the mind’s patterns – the conclusions we draw from experiences. It’ll be possible to see the past differently, from another angle.

While I joke about how Mercury screws with things, it’s also a very valuable time to slow down and gain some perspective. This time period has a way of dragging truth to the surface to deal with already.

This is a solid time for review. What’s working and not working for you right now? Where can you make some (albeit difficult) changes to ensure that 2015 continues to move you forward in the right direction? What have you been putting off, hoping to deal with ‘another day’.

I for one, have vowed not to lose my shit at this time. Like everything else that’s difficult or tough to swallow, this too shall pass. Until then, I’m keeping all liquids a safe distance (in the other room) from my laptop.

Just sayin’.

Much love XXX

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