How To Move Towards Change

When we know that something has to budge, that something has to give – change can be empowering.

When we know that we’re stuck and need to get moving – change can be exciting.

We know that things will never be the same way forever – we’re reminded that change is inevitable.

But change can also be ridiculously scary. Some changes are gradual and happen over time and we don’t feel them as much. We almost have to look back to see the progress we’ve made.

But sometimes change sucks. It can be overwhelming when we know we have to switch things up – large – and we don’t know where to start. More often than not, when we look at big changes to be made, we can keep putting them off for days, weeks, months and years at a time because we’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

This week I’ll be talking about just that – where you can start simply, here and now, to invite change into your life. Enjoy!

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