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Personal Practices, Or, How We Retain Our Sanity

January 26, 2017

It recently dawned on me that I’ve let my beloved routine slide. Leading into the holidays, during, and after, I put the little things that make a big difference to my sanity on the back-burner. Starting my day with 40 minutes of yoga? Chucked to sleep in longer. A half hour meditation before bed to settle my mind? Replaced by iPhone surfing, a late-night movie or passing out early. The regular soaks in the tub with candles, a good book, epsom salts, and the occasional glass of wine? Easily dismissed for ‘more important things’.

It hit me though. All these routine things I do, I do because it’s part of my own personal practice – it’s the combination of things I know work for me. And when I’m not doing these things, I can feel it in every cell of my body.

I practice because sometimes I don’t love other people. Situations. Myself.

I practice because sometimes I find it hard to breathe and I know this is because I often choose to suppress my emotions for fear of ‘feeling too hard’ or ‘expressing too much’.

I practice because when I don’t, I feel lost. Bored. Like something is missing.

I practice because my thoughts can often get the best of me, pulling me in different directions and deeper into the stories I’ve created about other people. Situations. Myself.

I practice because movement is healing and breath is grounding.

I practice so that when I laugh when people say, “gurl, you look like you have your shit together”, I feel like less of a hypocrite because really…

Do any of us really have our shit figured out?

I practice precisely because I don’t have my shit together and if change is the only constant, how can we ever really know everything. Ever?

I practice because I’m doing the best I can and I’m a work in progress.

I practice because I often feel others’ anxiety/fear/anger/sadness and will often mistake it for my own.

I practice because I’m relearning. And learning what’s important happens when I’m less attentive to all the other noise.

I practice because I often forget the lesson.

I practice because repetition ingrains the lessons deeper into the cells of my body.

I practice because it reminds me of how much of this shit ain’t real. And what is.

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We’ll Always Be Too-Much-Something For Somebody

December 7, 2016

You say I’m too sensitive –
too apt to feel too much.
Well I’d rather recognize
every ache
every awkward, uneasy
and uncomfortable moment
every blow and misfortune.

To clarify:
I choose to feel
not to commiserate
but rather
to acknowledge the truth
for what it is.

With every tear I shed
I release the weight
that often makes it hard to breathe
and I teach myself
to love myself

As I release
I learn that the guilt
and the blame
isn’t worth clinging to and
I teach myself
to judge myself

And as I began to face the dark
I noticed that
the sun began to shine brighter
my love began to burn deeper
my days took on more meaning
and not because this was necessarily inevitable
but because
I chose my new perspective.

And so, you see,
you may believe I feel too much
but I’d rather head dive
into the spectrum of feelings
available to me
than merely dip my toes in
for fear of feeling too much
of anything.

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Promise Me

November 23, 2016

Promise me that you’ll never stop feeding your sense of curiosity – that feeling you get with the very idea of inviting something new into your life that makes you partly excited and a little bit scared because you’re being stretched beyond what you already know to be true, what’s comfortable, stable and proven.

Promise me that you’ll treat yourself kindly. That you’ll refrain from judging, overanalyzing and condemning yourself for being yourself – regardless of whether you’ve made the ‘right’ decisions, took the ‘right’ step or made the ‘right’ call.

Promise me that you’ll take care of your body. That you’ll recognize that every time you do something kind for yourself, you say a small prayer of gratitude for being alive.

Promise me that you’ll always see the good in others – that doesn’t mean that you take other people’s shit – it means that you recognize that inside every cocky, overconfident and boisterous being, there’s a scared child who’s afraid to let others down for fear that they’re not good enough and that we’re all fighting a similar battle within ourselves.

Promise me that you’ll share yourself with those you love. That you’ll take a chance, open up and allow your truth to fall from your lips and into the lap of someone who sees you for who you are and loves you even more for it.

Promise me that you won’t ignore your soul – that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you need to pursue a dream or live a vision of yourself that others may not necessarily understand or agree with – that you’ll trust in yourself even when others appear to have given up.

Promise me that you’ll always remember that you’re not like anyone else and that’s precisely what makes you fucking beautiful.


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I Made Something For You.

October 25, 2016

Crystal Lovin’ Guide

cover-keylineThis guide is for you if you’re curious about crystals or looking to expand your self healing process through the use of crystals as an energy modality.

In this FREE guide, we’ll explore:

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