An Urban Hippy’s Toolkit: Music

I have a confession to make. I’m ‘that’ girl.

I’m the one who, more often than not, has her music on a little too loud. If you’re out dancing with me, you’ll likely hear me say (more than once), “Wait. Chat later. THIS is my jam.” When I’ve got my headphones on wandering the city, you’ll see me walk by and wonder why I’m stomping briskly. It’s because I have a love affair with bass and can’t help but move along with it.

Music carries me away. It pulls me into the present moment and changes my perspective when I get home after a long day and need to unwind. A glass of wine in hand, preparing dinner while dancing to a mix of soca on my iPod = sheer and utter bliss.

Music can also take me back somewhere – reminding me of someone, a place, a season, a feeling that I associate with it. It’s full of memories, emotions and energy. “Music is what feelings sound like.” ~ Georgia Cates

When we get lost in music we love, time stands still. We’re present to what we’re experiencing and everything else disappears. When we’re lost in a song that gets us belting on the top of our lungs, we’re not worrying about what needs to get done later/tomorrow/next week. We’re basking in the moment. We’re taken out of our head – which is exactly what we need to do.

The more we can do those things that hush the monkey mind and get us into our body, the better.

The more we can be positively moved by things in our lives (physically, mentally, emotionally), the better.

The more we can let go to the present moment and smile more, love more, feel more, the better.


Much love XXX

P.S. I came across this incredible video about a man in a nursing home who climbs out of his shell and comes to life when he listens to the music that reminds him of his younger years. If this doesn’t show the power of music, I really don’t know what will.

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