An Ode To 2014

Dear 2014,

I started the year on tenuous ground. Unsure of where to move, I walked blindly toward my truth.
I made mistakes. I stumbled. I had moments where I felt completely and utterly lost. Despite my fears, I continued on.

Those tough moments made way for clarity and fresh perspectives. I found my voice. I began to see what my personal work in life, business and love was attracting to me. And shit, it was all so beautiful.

As you come to an end, I can honestly say that my growth, while at times coupled with lows and darkness, resulted in unimaginable highs. The highs that are only possible when you step into your shoes and say, ‘Hey world! This is me. I’m complete and whole. I love my edges and contradictions. I wear them proudly.’

As you draw to a close, I know that I approach the New Year with a new vision and destination. While there are still plenty of unknowns and growth ahead, I trust that you’ve prepared me well.

Making Way For 2015

Purge. Clear the way. Create a space to move ahead.

I’ve tried the whole long list of resolutions. I created lists of stuff to get done in a New Year, only to break every resolution within the first week.

Rather than set myself up for failure, this year, I’m making way for 2015.

I’m clearing my closet of the stuff I haven’t worn and donating it. Y’know. Those items that I bought months ago that still have the tag on and are just taking up space.

I’m going through the bottom ‘junk drawer’ in my kitchen full of stuff I might need sometime, one day. Y’know. The one where I can’t find whatever I’m looking for because there’s everything but what I need in there.

I’m throwing out the holey socks I have that I keep pushing to the back of the pile and the one-offs (I’m convinced someone steals socks from my washer every second load or so btw).

I’m creating a fresh, new space to invite the New Year in. And instead of focusing on stuff like getting to the gym every day, yoga-ing more, eating healthier, I’m going to focus on how I want to feel.

I’m going to approach everyday with the goal to feel healthy, inspired and inspiring.

On Monday, that might mean that I get up and do yoga. On Tuesday, it might mean that I treat myself to an hour with a good book. On Wednesday I might decide that I need to cook a meal with nothing but greens. When we start with the little things to get us to a place where we start to feel better on a daily basis, everything changes.

Happy Holidays and New Year!!

Much love XXX

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