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Watching Time Slip Through My Fingers

June 2, 2015

“Eat like you love yourself.
Move like you love yourself.
Speak like you love yourself.
Act like you love yourself.”~ Tara Stiles

With June knocking on my door, I remind myself this month to be truly intentional in everything I do.

Being intentional to me means really being tuned in – that I do nothing out of a force of habit. Instead, I become grounded in, and fully aware of, every decision I make and what serves me best.

Do I need that sweet indulgence or am I eating my stress away?

Can I trade an hour of work in front of the laptop for a session with my canvas and paint?

When someone says ‘how are you?’ can I respond in an authentic way instead of automatically responding ‘good, thanks, you?’

When I’m not coming from an intentional space, days, weeks, months and years fly by in a fast blur. Time goes by quickly enough as it is.

This week’s video is about making every moment count by living intentionally.

Much love, XXX

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How To Overcome Resistance

May 26, 2015

We all experience massive resistance at some point in our lives. More often than not, it’s when we’re facing something we know we need to do to begin feeling better or more aligned with ourselves and bam! There’s a big fat brick wall of “Uh, uh. Not now. No way” in front of us.

It can be hard to get moving when our brain is trying to talk us out of something. We run through endless excuses about why we can’t get moving, what else we could/should be doing, etc. etc.

If you’re hitting big-time resistance with something that you know will make you feel better in the long run. If you know there’s something your soul is calling you to do and it’s time to get moving, this week’s video is for you.

This week I’ll outline 3 things you can do to overcome resistance and get moving with what you know you need deep down.

Much love, XXX

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The Magic In Mercury Retrograde

May 19, 2015

You may remember my post back in January about Mercury turning to retrograde. This is when Mercury appears to be traveling backwards (it’s actually slowing its orbit and just looks like it’s moving backwards). I talked about 3 retrogrades happening this year and we’re on our second one baby.

From May 18 – June 11th, we’ll be experiencing another retrograde, this time in Gemini. (BTW – you could also be experiencing the effects a little before and after this time).

So what does all this hippy planetary stuff mean for you?

The same rules apply as before. Since Mercury is the messenger, during this time communication, travel and technology is bound to be a little screwy.

Double-check the deets of any new commitments/contracts at this time – read the fine print. Think before you speak/hit send. Since miscommunication can be inevitable now, it’s just easier to keep your cool.

Leave yourself plenty of time to get anywhere in case of mishaps. Travel blunders are typical at this time. No one likes to be the one left behind when the plane or train takes off for our planned destination.

Finally, back your shit up. Take the time to back up any important electronic files, etc. It would suck to lose moths or years of hard work if your computer decides that now is the time to declare retirement.

But there’s also magic in Mercury Retrograde.

Despite all the technical blunders you might encounter – all the possible ways that Mercury can mess with your flow – there’s also a lot of magic in this time.

“As with all Mercury retrograde periods, things from the past will be reevaluated, re-examined, or understood differently.” ~ Mystic Mamma

Y’know that feeling you get sometimes – when you’re in the middle of a situation and think, “shit. I’ve been here before. There’s something familiar about this person, place or thing.” And you get that funny feeling that you need to do something different this time around. You know that your typical response just isn’t gonna cut it this time.

It’s like we have another chance to make things right. Mercury retrograde is about embracing change. 

So let’s say an ex-someone (this applies to love and platonic relationships!) pops up all of a sudden (again). Now, you might know that the result of this sudden encounter will likely be like every other encounter before. You’ll be swept off your feet, feeling dizzy with the excitement of connecting again, only to be left high and dry (again). If you play the same role as usual and allow the initial excitement to take over, you’ll find yourself hanging eventually, lambasting yourself as to why you let it happen again.

Here’s what happens when you decide to change things – when you decide to not fall for the same old routine. When you tell this ex-someone that you’re not willing to invest your energy in something that will go nowhere and you do it with honesty, authenticity and love, you’re sending out a clear message.

You say, “No thank you.”

What the universe hears: “Hey universe! I’m ready for some good shit now. I respect and love myself to know that I deserve to have relationships with people who appreciate me as much as I appreciate them. I’m ready and open to allow people into my life who will raise me up and support me. I’m ready to create a circle of support and strength. I love myself enough to know that I deserve this and more. Thanks and keep it coming!”

How awesome would that feel?

Consider the next 3 weeks as an opportunity to see the same old situations differently. Allow yourself to feel the emotions around a situation and really understand if it will support you to do something different, to react differently, to see the same situation from another perspective. 

Now’s the time to look at the situations that arise and understand how they’re connected to our past. From there, we can look at how we can react differently to create something different in our lives. Sometimes we need to chuck the same old, same old to make way for the newer, brighter version of ourselves and our lives.

Now’s that time folks. Let’s do this. Happy Mercury Retrograde!

Much love, XXX

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What A Jerk On The Highway Taught Me About Learning Something New

May 11, 2015

“The minute that you’re not learning I believe you’re dead.” ~ Jack Nicholson

When we’re kids we’re encouraged to learn new things. We’re invited to ask questions and be curious about the world. We embrace learning something new with wides eyes and excitement.

Then we get older and we get mad at ourselves for not knowing something. We adopt the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, especially when we bump into difficulties. (Ever tried to learn a new language as an adult? It’s not easy!) It’s as if we think we should know everything automatically as we age. As if learning is reserved for the young.

Screw that.

As wise as we may be, there’s always something new to see, do, to experience. When we refuse to allow ourselves to open up, learn and grow, we dig our heels in the sand and get stuck. Never stop learning.

This week’s video is about the most important thing we need to do when we’re learning something new. Enjoy!

Much love, XXX