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Welcome. This is where I lay it down. Inspiration. Word flow. Musings on the messiness of being human. My hope is that something resonates with you. That we connect through things that inspire us both to be soulful, grounded and in touch with something higher than routine, the hustle and the grind. Oh. And I made you something.

How a Week In Peru Changed My Perspective

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I sent out an email to my entire database in mid-June. I said I was shuttin’ my business down to figure out what’s next. Well, that was followed by the most incredible week in Peru with one of my most favourite people in the world – freelance business guru/freedom-seeker Heather Thorkelson. Heather brought together 10 of the most inspiring women I’ve

Letter To My 20-Year Old Self

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Dear Me, You’re gonna go through a lot of things in the next couple of years that, looking back, you’ll know made you who you are and were absolutely necessary to your growth. This letter is not about stopping you from doing anything or warning you to take another path in life. I’m not going to ask you to avoid

Engaging vs. Connecting

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Living true to yourself takes a certain level of vulnerability. It takes guts to put yourself out there in a truly authentic way – in a no holds barred kinda way. To some, I can be considered a bit of a walking contradiction. Sometimes I’ll curse to get my point across *insert Tribe Called Quest reference here* and in the

Overanalysis Can Lead to Paralysis

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It makes me smile when the most successful business people I know base a huge part of their decision-making on what their gut says. Big decisions involving big bucks are often made on ‘a hunch’. Big moves that could be the beginning or end of a business venture are made on what could be categorized as ungrounded evidence. But is

Nothing to Lose

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I know nothing about golf other than the not-so-perfect form I displayed after a couple of cold ones with co-workers at a mandatory golf day. Mind you, I had a lot of fun but I realized it’s just not for me. But there’s one golf-related story that stole my heart. Y.E. Yang won his first championship in 2009 against the-then-current-king,

Chill Out

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We have a love affair with being busy. How often do you hear someone say, “I’m sooooo busy right now that I can’t possibly get around to fill with a number of things you could possibly be doing.” Being ‘too busy’ is a right of passage. We glorify being busy. It’s the idea that so-and-so must be so busy because