Why COVID-19 Is An Offering

Without minimizing the impact of the virus (we’ve all no doubt absorbed the plethora of online facts, figures, stats and charts deep into our DNA) my heart truly goes out to all those who have been affected. It’s been difficult for me in the past couple of days, particularly as my city has been abruptly grinding to a halt in response, to simultaneously hold space for the grief our world has been experiencing while also seeing the hope and opportunity that lies below the surface.

If we’ve learned anything about ourselves throughout history, it is that when we band as a collective, we are resilient beings. We have turned many a crisis into an opportunity to continue to love in the face of darkness. We have found our strength in the toughest times and, in turn, learned more about our ability to persevere and find our way to the light again.

As global citizens of this earth – the only earth we have – we are being asked to band together and act with the greatest good in mind.

As global citizens sharing one earth, we are being asked to slow down. To be still. To retreat inwards.

This is an invitation to reconnect with ourselves. This is an offering to regroup and question the structures (man-made and theoretical) that we’ve built around us to protect us. To separate ourselves from others. To separate from ourselves. To tune out. To fit in.

This is an offering for us to connect with those we love and to be kind to those we don’t know but whose paths we might cross as we do our best to maintain a healthy distance. A smile. A nod. An ever-so-subtle recognition that we’re all in this together will go a long way in raising our sense of connection and community during this historic time.

This will, no doubt, be one of those moments in history where we’ll be looking back and sharing stories of our experiences. And as such, perhaps this is the opportune time to put yourself in the shoes of your future self.

As your future-you looks back at this time, how would they say you worked your way through it?

If your future-you told you things would be ok, what would you do now to settle into that knowing?

If your future-you told you this was a time of self-discovery and growth, what does that look like to you? What does it feel like? How can you start now?

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