What’s Love Got To Do With It

Do I have you humming along now? Ready? Belt it like Tina Turner baby!

Awesome. Hopefully you didn’t leave me hanging and I wasn’t the only one singing on the top of my lungs! Now that I got your attention, I’m going to tell you exactly what love has got to do with it.

It’s become cliche to hear people tell you to follow your passion – to do what you love with your life. We throw it around all the time. It’s easy to write-off that kind of advice. We convince ourselves that we can’t possibly always do/be/achieve/reach for what we love. We put up with a lot of things that are less than what we want in life.

You can’t quit your soul-sucking job – that you drag yourself to every morning with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety – because you have to pay for your fancy car.

You can’t leave your significant other – who couldn’t possibly care less about your feelings – because you’re just comfortable with the fact that you have a significant other.

You can’t move – even though coming home doesn’t feel like coming home – because it would take too much energy to find a new place.

We’re told we have to put up with stuff our entire lives. We’re told to “suck it up and just do what you gotta do”.

What if you only did what lights you up? What if you only surrounded yourself with people who bring out the best in you? What if you screwed the ‘shoulds’ people throw your way and instead, did what you want to do? What if you only did the stuff that makes time fly – the stuff you like doing that makes you lose all track of time?

Think of this as chasing the good stuff. Following the stuff that makes you feel good. When you’re feeling sick and tired and burnt out, look around. What’s making you feel that way? What can you change to get back on track? What’s not feeling so great in your life right now?

Stuck in a job you don’t like? With someone who doesn’t make you happy? Living in a space that doesn’t make you feel at home? Plant yourself in the future for a minute. Picture yourself five years from now, still doing whatever it is that you’re doing that just isn’t working. How does that feel? If it scares the shit out of you, makes you feel ill or bummed right out, fix it. Now. There’s nothing worse than looking back in regret when you could’ve simply taken another route and just done what makes you happy.

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